Why, some of the fast riders,
they do ride fastest in any question?


It’s to ride faster than the rival, isn’t it?

Approach of cornering, braking, racing line・・・
After riding, you are exhaust, but not satisfied.

Most of the riders, riding in a scary thought, just with fighting spirit.
Can not improve the lap time, you are suffering no win.

In particular for the rider who can not get better lap time
Fast driving, it will be very difficult.

Even today, in an attempt to catch up to the riders running in front of
ended up with terrible results.

After all, only exhausted only with scary thoughts and fighting sprit!

I can not be faster any more・・・

I think maybe, there is no talent in my own・・・

Do not put more fired up and need much more will power

I like this, it is also often to be sick.

How to solve problems

Nonetheless, I need fun to ride in a circuit.

To do this,
Nothing is more important than racing parts.

All riding solution to the problem is・・・
it would be to attach the best racing parts!

Mr.Soichiro Honda said too

HRC racing parts,
Your lap time is greatly UP, comes the victory, a new star is born!


How can you pick up the excellent racing parts doing?

It is a problem, you know?

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I think you also know,
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And so on.

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