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We are a shop of specialty HRC Honda parts and racing machine.
This store owner started the race with HRC HONDA CBR.

Respect to HRC Honda parts and HRC machine is a very reliable store.
Pro Shop is different from the others.

We offer the HRC goods which the professional rider selectedcarefully
for you.

We support your racing activity.
All HRC Honda products are the official items of manufacturer.

Please let me help your pleasant HRC Honda Racing life.

We are looking forward to the relationship with the rider of all over
the world.

Hope you enjoy shopping!


  • In the race to win
  • Want to up the performance of the race
  • Want to reduce parts costs
  • Want to dress up in HRC parts
  • Want the HRC Japan limited edition

The reason for our popularity

Our shop offer reasonable prices by changing the distribution system and by specializing in online business.

We are a trustful HRC products’ seller and your big supporter. This is the reason why lots of customer choose us.

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  1. This shop is Experienced professional.

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  1. Online style HRC Honnda Racing shop.

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HRC Honda quality

  1. HRC Honda quality and reliable

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HRC Honda Racing Machine

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HRC Honda Racing Parts

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